Ava Gaiety Wroten / Thinking in Stories Component-First



Canine pretending to be a web engineer.

Ava has been building ambitious Ember apps for over nine years, gasp. Formerly she was on the Ember accessibility strike team. She is now a full-time UI engineer building accessible design systems in React soon to migrate to Phoenix to widen her horizons. She's built enterprise scale apps for healthcare education, banking, school district budgeting, small business moving companies and more.


Storybook and Ember make quality friends. In these thirty minutes I will live-code a newly generated component with a CSF story that powers its own automation testing and accessibility checks. We’ll leverage Tailwind UI to demonstrate how quickly a beautiful and accessible component can be adapted into Stories powered by Ember. We will build precisely one component for this talk; but in doing so we will deeply explore the mindset behind every intentional step that can re-imagine how components are built by teams to power the next generation of ambitious web applications with solid footing.


Hey there! I’ve been building apps in Ember for over nine years and I’m currently a full-time UI engineer building accessible design systems. I’ve spoke at EmberConf previously, and most recently I gave a talk on building “the dream UI component library” at MagnoliaJS.

The future of building component libraries is now. Let’s live-code some accessible, automation tested, and beautiful components complete with the documentation your whole team will appreciate.


Intended Audience

Beginning users will likely be able to understand most of what is going on even if some of it goes over their head, I hope its flashyness will inspire them to continue their coding journey and maybe play with some of the concepts in their own ways.

Intermediate users are likely the key audience as none of the code shown is particularly difficult and will be pulled directly from easy to find documentation online during the live-coding.